The Art of Kahkow

We believe in the excellence of our Dominican culture. We work with discipline and determination; sowing and cultivating our land. We believe in growing as producers and enjoying it. For us, achieving this is more than a dream, it’s our mission. Thanks to the legacy of the Rizek family in the production of fine aromatic cacao; we have created a range of exquisite chocolates produced in limited series.

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The Kahkow adventure begins in 2005; when the journey of the Rizek family already had undergone a century of experience in the production of fine aromatic cacao in the Dominican Republic. After a period of modernization in the Cacao sector, in an exercise of entelechy, Rizek Cacao started selecting and processing distinctive cocoa profiles with the goal of producing chocolate of the highest quality.

In 2011, after introducing ourselves to the Local market, we became pioneers of the gourmet chocolate industry by producing certified organic chocolate in origin. The rapid recognition of the brand allowed us to open our first store in Bluemall, a place that allows us to expose our chocolate creations and share our culture with all Dominicans.

Our creativity, talent, and experience allow us to develop our basic recipes: 55%, 62%, 70%, 82%, and 100%.

We have accepted with humility and responsibility the challenge of representing our nation’s cocoa, as well as the agricultural sector of our country. Our haciendas, located in the heart of our country, are distinguished by the excellence of their genetic material and by the exclusive post-harvest treatment to which our fruits are subjected.

It fills us with pride being able to share our delicious chocolates prepared by Dominican hands. What started as a dream has become The Art of Dominican Cacao.

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